Honest Interiors: Love your home

The stunning winter aesthetic of Scandinavian Minimalism has dominated the interior world for years. The international design community has embraced a necessities-driven aesthetic, with function over form. This translated into clean lines, right angles, geometric shapes, raw materials, omission of bright colours, loss of decorum and a humble aesthetic that when done correctly, is truly breath-taking. This look capitalises on Dieter Rams’ 10th and final principle of Good Design, that “good design is as little design as possible,” quote credit of Vitsoe, a longstanding design partner with Dieter Rams. This quote sits among many others, such as “less is more” and “actions speak louder than words” which embrace the modest & quiet beauty of the commonplace. This Scandinavian aesthetic sits well with modern Japanese designs, that elevate the unassuming, quality items above those that are flamboyant or fashionable, yet contain functional defects.

Geometric Wall Decal from Washi Tape

The tables have turned slightly with this aesthetic. While the popularity for this style grew, the fast interior fashion world starting cranking out economic, fashionable items to help create the look. They have, however, in turn have abandoned the reasoning behind the look itself: an interior which sources its beauty from humble products that are useful, functional and of high-quality materials. Cheap marble accessories, faux blond timber finishes or veneers, concrete-look wall application products & PU leather furnishings are items which are not inherently bad or distasteful, but have created a demi-look within our homes that is a far step down from the original philosophy of minimalism. This fast interior fashion fad has potentially made us feel the need to purchase things that may be misleading of our own personal styles as well. Not only this, but in the mix of it all, fashion has pushed us further and further away from colour, which has been a detriment to us creating our own nests that we live in, use as a retreat from the world, and find rest.

Colour Dulux
Image of colourful interior, image credit of Dulux http://www.dulux.co.nz/

It’s no secret that colour is moving back onto the interior fashion scene. With green as the 2017 Pantone colour of the year, we can expect that from the decade of winter stark whites, greys and bold blacks, we will see the growth of colours like blooming buds and fruit from the trees from the new-life of green, that is in hot demand at the moment. However, it might be wise to take a step back and ponder your own personal style. Rather than dumping your copper-wire candle holders, marble accessories & faux lambskin rug at the local Op Shop on your way to the mall to purchase colourful, deep and mid-toned furnishings, stop and think about what you personally love, what colours and materials and shapes feel like home to you. If you can resist the temptation to fill your home with cost-effective, stylish trappings that you might only love for 2 or 3 years, you can work towards saving-up for quality items that you absolutely love and will enjoy for years to come. Once you’ve found your aesthetic, check out my blog Life After Grey: adding colour back into your interiors.

Have I sold the slow, unique, individualistic development of styling of your home to you yet? If yes, check out my blog for steps that will be useful in identifying your own personal style. They will be very helpful if you’re building or renovating, however, you can absolutely update your look without picking up a hammer or submitting plans to council. Feel the freedom to take time to work through these steps. Don’t feel embarrassed if you have economical furnishings, or no furnishings yet, just enjoy the good things about your existing decor (or your minimalistic vibe if you have none) while you work through steps to understand what it is you personally love. If you have faux or cheap marble that you hate, look up the history of marble for greater appreciation while you wait to replace it. You might end up falling in love all over again and keeping some pieces.

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