7 Tips for Interior Wintry Cheer

South Island Snow in June

Living in the Southern Hemisphere comes with the strange sense that our seasons are back-to-front compared to the rest of the world. We listen to “White Christmas” and “Winter Wonderland” while firing up the barbeque in the warm, summer afternoons in December. It’s all fun and games until winter sets in around May, we quickly run out of public holidays and everyone realises it’s going to be a dismal 6 months until spring starts to bring us out of our hobbit holes. We truly live out the curse of the White Witch from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, where it feels like it is “Always winter, but never Christmas.”

The struggle is real, however, there are ways to help warm up your winter blues. If you want to bring a bit of authentic, cosy warmth into your home to help you nestle into the winter season, try the following tips!

  1. Frosty Bouquet. Instead of purchasing imported or greenhouse buds that typically bloom in spring or summer, try grabbing in-season bunches, such as ornamental kale, eucalyptus or evergreen boughs, such as fir or cedar.
  2. Deck the Halls. It’s no wonder it has been a long-standing winter traditional across the world to re-decorate when it gets cold outside. While this is mainly attributed to the holiday season, don’t let that stop you from brightening up your interiors to settle into the cold season.
    Anthropologie Kessabine Dubet, image credit of Anthropologie

    Adding a bit of cheer is exactly what all of us need down under, so try updating small items of decor, such as hand-towels, table centrepieces, a new set of mugs for hot drinks or bedding. Try this gorgeous set from Anthropologie which can be shipped to NZ!

  3. Merry & Bright. While you’re updating some of your furnishings, make sure you get wintry feeling colours that still add a bit of energy into the space. Instead of crisp colours, go for colours with a grey base, such as mustards, plums, fawny browns, cranberry and burnt orange. Bianca Lorenne offers a gorgeous set of ochre dish cloths that will give your kitchen an added bit of warmth and class.
  4. I’m Feelin’ Good. Consider selecting interior decor with authentic, natural materials, such as solid timber, wool and linen. These natural materials give a room the ultimate cosy effect, along with the added nostalgic effect. It’s even better if you can locally source materials as well. Interweave is NZ’s last remaining woolen textile producer, which gives you the assurance of fair trade and a low carbon footprint. The wool is sourced locally from NZ sheep. Source their textiles for custom drapes, upholstery, cushions or bedding through Textilia or Atelier.
  5. Rug-up. Refreshing your interiors with an updated throw or rug can transform a living room or bedroom, as well as give added warmth when needed. If you’re looking for a throw with a fresh take on wintry styles, try the Bernebei Freeman Waverly Merino Throw, found at David Jones.
  6. Winter Glow. Set the ambiance in your
    FullSizeRender (2)
    Cypress bough with LED fairy lights for wintry mood

    home with soft mood lighting. This will help you enjoy the early winter sundown and snuggling on the couch for a warm evening at home watching Netflix, without the stark light of harsh overheads. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check-out the unique offerings from Vogue Lighting NZ. Or alternatively, try LED fairy lights, like the Sparkle lights from Mocka.

  7. Makes Scents. The sense of smell is a huge emotive and memory trigger for humans. While interiors often focuses on how people experience a room visually, it includes the whole experience and acknowledges that there is more to design than meets the eye. Put your tropical scented candles away that only make you wish you were in Fiji, and try a scent that embraces the charms of winter, such as Lyttleton Lights Amber & Clove candle.

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