My Favourite Coonhound, Maddie

There are those in the world that would call themselves dog lovers, but Theron Humphrey might just top them all. In 2011 he left a commercial photography career and travelled the states with his coon hound and best friend, Maddie. The trip was a journey back to familiar places, to remind him of what feels like home, a notion close to my heart as well. He titled his journey This Wild Idea and has collections of images of his roamings on his website, which stir up feelings of warm nostalgia. Since the completion of that project, he has started another journey Why We Rescue, driving through the country photographing owners and their rescue dogs, interviewing them about their life stories. It is a gorgeous unearthing of real life stories, which include their journey to finding and rescuing dogs.

Maddie the Coonhound, image credit of Theron Humphrey

My first encounter with Humphrey’s work was on Pinterest, when I saw an image of a dog yawning while being poured a cup of coffee. It made my day and over the next couple of weeks I saw more and more of these photos, realising it was the same dog in every photo.

When googling the names in the pins a bit more, I found out about Humphrey, the photographer and soul behind these hilarious and touching images, had actually released a book about his funny and human-like dog, “Maddie on Things“. Maddie’s catlike balance mixes perfectly with her obliging, coon hound personality and makes her the perfect companion of a photographer with a sense of humour. Flick through her dedicated website MaddieonThings, where you can even buy prints of the images. at reasonable prices.

If you would like a little slice of Maddie and Theron’s amazing adventures, follow them on Instagram. Even with their million followers, Theron hasn’t gone mainstream but continues to live his wild journey and enjoy the commonplace, good things in life.

Maddie 5
Images of Maddie, credit of Theron Humphrey

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