The Artistry of Wellness: Rose Gold Illustration

My favourite friendships in life are those that you can leave and pick up right where you left it months, or even years later. It’s the acknowledgement that being mindful in the present might mean a gap in the growth of distant friendships, however, because being in the present is such a priority, when you reconnect it’s very meaningful. My friend Rose is one of those people with whom I love reconnecting. Her free spirit and encouraging words are sincere and thoughtful, like refreshing, cool water.

Kowhai Honey Bee Circle A4
Kowhai Honey Bee Circle, in ink & watercolour by Rose Gold Illustrations

Rose has sketched her whole life, especially in school using ink pen and watercolour, but gave it up while studying psychology and English literature. Rose has returned to her artwork as a wellness activity for herself, realising she needs to take opportunities for self-care. She says art my not pay the bills, “but it feeds my soul.” She loves that it takes her full attention, as it gives her a break from the worries of life.

Rose’s inspiration for her art are everyday commonplace, along with her own identity and journey in life. Children’s book illustrations were her inspiration growing up, her favourite parts being the warmth, nostalgia and stories wrapped up in them. Her hope to help others learn to love themselves well, to know their innate value and gently care for themselves is a huge driver for her designs.

SelfabetHer most recent project, the Selfabet, is all about self-care. She has taken the 26 letters of the alphabet and uses each to describe another way to care for yourself, such as drink more Water, Talk & get into Nature. In planning for this project, she considered not only ways we ought to care for ourselves, but also how to put it on a page that is visually pleasing & nourishing for the soul.

You can purchase the set of self-care illustrations for NZ$15 on Etsy. (Note: Rose is amazing & she ships worldwide from New Zealand!)

The Selfabet, by Rose Gold Illustration

Rose says a person’s calling in life is where their deepest joy meets the world’s greatest needs. Being a part of helping NZ youth grow and fulfill their potential is something in which Rose has natural talent. She says that a person’s calling is meant to be fun as well as part of solving a larger problem in the world. Rose loves living out her calling in her youth work, as has enjoyed bringing her art in line with the same goal.

One of her biggest challenges is her struggle with perfectionism, and she fights to not focus on imperfections in her art. That being said, she said the thing that surprises her most is that she usually really likes the end result, which is not a shock to me, as they are beautiful pieces that truly add something to the world of art & wellness.

Rose 2
Rose from Rose Gold Illustration

The last 4 years Rose has been on a journey, dealing with her insecurities. She is very aware of her own personal flaws, and that she was different from other successful youth workers. She felt unworthy because of these differences, and went through a huge journey of accepting her own story. At university she studied English because of her love for stories and how they tie people together. She also studied Psychology because she loves people and developing people to live out their potential. Part of her journey of self acceptance was the realisation that youth work brought these 2 passions of stories and human psychology together. Rose often tells people, “Love your own story. Even though it’s not perfect, it’s not like anyone else’s. Wherever you are, everyone is in a position to impart peace, courage, wisdom and joy to others no matter what your story is.”


You can check out Rose’s Art, Rose Gold Illustration, online on EtsyFacebook & Instagram. She posts incredibly inspiring work!



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