May your Paper be Merry & Bright

At a loss for what to ask for Christmas? Whether it’s letter-writing to loved ones, scratching down your thoughts in a journal, or simply starting to write down your jobs on a to-do list, physically putting pen to paper is shown to increase creativity & wellness. Check out these delicious brands below and cross your fingers you’re on the Nice List.

Rifle Paper Co
Notebooks by Rifle Paper Co

Rifle Paper Co | With a whimsical love of folk painting, this brand puts the fun back into penmanship. The founder husband & wife combo are painter & musician turned stationery brand legends. Check it out locally in Christchurch at Pepa Stationery.

Bluebellgray | For romantic watercoloured hues, check out these notebooks designed by Fi in Glasgow, Scotland.



Seedlings coasters
Coasters by Seedlings

Seedlings | This is the fun, slightly kooky sister in the world of stationery, offering personality and a bit of sass. They started with coasters and now they’re a wee empire.

Liberty of London | Traditional prints by Morris and Art Nouveau embossed diaries are some of the gorgeous offerings by Liberty.

Lilly Pulitzer | Outrageous colours in artistic motifs by Lilly, who couldn’t care less about trends and has created a brand that speaks to her opulent & sunny lifestyle.

Mr Boddington | This prim and proper source of paper goods leaves you feeling nostalgic and is downright delightful. For children 4 – 12 years of age there is a free Secret Society of Letter Writer’s with parental tips on helping children write more.

Mr Boddington Christmas.jpg
Christmas stationery by Mr Boddington
Secret Society of Letter Writers
Secret Society of Letter Writers Image by Mr Boddington

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