About Nesting Folk

Nesting Folk is a pursuit & unearthing of the particular charms in this life. Mingling antiquity with modern design,  I hope to put language to how we feel within humanity, particularly in our homes & workplaces. I have the privilege of examining the role these spaces play in our relationships & lives. I hope this blog encourages you to be kind to yourself, others and the planet: to embrace authenticity as the key to freedom & happiness. And most of all, I hope to remind you to return to what feels like home, and in that, rest.

My name is Alicia and I am an interior designer, sustainability supporter, writer, wellness enthusiast, lover of art, nature & photography living in central Christchurch, New Zealand. Though I come from Alabama and have spent time living in Sweden, Spain & China, I now call New Zealand my home. I am a curious observer and enjoy helping others. I truly hope this blog encourages you to spend a little more time cherishing your home, our gorgeous planet and the lovely humans in them.