7 Interior Design Tips to Increase Your Airbnb Occupancy

Published by Frobisher Interiors


Have you become a Host with Airbnb, Book a Bach, TradeMe Holiday Houses or Holiday Homes?

Amping up your interiors can help you increase your repeat occupancy rate, secure positive reviews & ratings, and most importantly, ensure your guests return year after year.

Themed Getaway. For potential Airbnb guests, the ability to maximise their entertainment and relaxation is at the forefront of holiday planning. One way to grab the guests attention as they flick through listings is to have a strong theme that radiates fun and relaxation. Whether your target market is adventurous retirees or young professionals, a strong theme or mood will grab their attention straight away. The theme can range from country lodge to ultra modern industrial, and even more fun if you can add the theme into the name of your listing!

7 tips to increase AirbnbPhoto credit of Hanmer Time

Colours & Materials. Once you’ve decided on the theme of your Airbnb listing, brainstorm colour combinations and materials that will make this theme a reality in your space. For a lodge feel, natural colours can create a sophisticated and relaxing vibe, such as browns, greens and blues. The materials used may be more traditional, such as timber and stone, as well as ensuring your textiles are from natural fibres, such as linen and wool. If you are going for a modern and luxurious mood, try using colours with a bit more energy such as orange or yellow, along with sultry textures like ultra reflective metallics and lacquer finishes.

7 tips to increase AirbnbPhoto credit of Hanmer Time

Smart Storage. Adding games, books and DVD’s to your Airbnb listing will pique interest, but can often just look messy in a holiday home. Try adding clever storage to enhance the theme of your space with it’s form and style, however, allow the games, books or DVD’s to be seen. This allows for guests to quickly find these added extras as well as including them in your photographs so that people can instantly connect with the activity itself when flicking through your listing.

Ergonomic Layout. The cardinal rule for any guest room, Airbnb listing or holiday home is to stay there yourself to identify any glaring issues that need to be addressed. Whether it’s an absurdly bright bedside lamp, insufficient blackout drapes that let early morning sun into a bedroom or awkward layouts, ensuring you live in the space for a time yourself will give you the tips you need to make it better. Often older holiday homes can have awkward tight spaces in places like the WC, bathroom or kitchen, so sorting these issues out will increase the likelihood of repeat guests, and word-of-mouth referrals.

Continually Renew. Always re-assess the state of your Airbnb for small updates that will add value. Weather it be new dining room chairs one month if the existing ones are looking tired, or just some quirky accents, ensuring you continuously improve the space little by little will help keep the look up to date and give your repeat guests something to look forward to each time they stay.

Simplify. In the excitement of theming your Airbnb or holiday home, continually improving and adding colour and materials to enhance the mood – it would be a bit easy to get carried away. Often a space can look messy and disorganised, when in reality, all it needs is a clear-out. Try to regularly re-assess what is actually adding to the aesthetic or functionality of the space. If you find it difficult letting go of things, but know it is damaging your Airbnb bottom line, try reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up : The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo. The author is a genius at laying out steps to enhance your space with getting rid of things that aren’t adding value.
7 tips to increase Airbnb

Centre Stage. For first-time Airbnb bookings, image is everything. Potential guests using web-based accommodation booking sites will look for price, size and photos. This is an area where you can truly set yourself apart from your competition. By hiring a staging professional and a professional real estate photographer, you will be securing the best return on your Airbnb investment. These professionals will arrange furniture and décor in a more photogenic way, as well as identify particular eyesores that need to be dealt with. All the research about staging homes for selling them is applicable here, but you will get the benefit of continuous income from the professional photographs.